Turnkey Performance

CI not only has a team of in-house professional engineers, we are fully licensed as: General Contractors, C10, C4, and C20 to completely turnkey our entire EEMS solution with guaranteed results.

CI will only guarantee the predicted savings and ROI in the EEMS if we implement the necessary measures identified in the report.  CI’s staffs of HVAC engineers and technicians are highly experienced in working on existing HVAC equipment, control systems, lighting and other energy efficient technologies.

CI projects follow the detailed EEMS prescriptions and remedial measures which can include the change out of component parts, software upgrades, and setting modifications all designed to mitigate energy loss.

The turnkey implementations typically take 2-4 months and are performed so there is no downtime to existing operations.  CI’s work is guaranteed where it matters - - at the meter.

We measure the post implementation energy consumption by examining the utility bills and comparing them to the records from the prior month and year. The data is summarized in CI’s close out report so that there is a clear record of the work completed and the subsequent results achieved.


A global energy efficiency organization, is exclusively focused on achieving peak efficiencies with existing buildings.



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