Energy Star Certifications

The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA awards commercial buildings with the distinction of EPA Energy Star Award Level for those buildings operating at the top 25% in energy efficiency using their national energy performance rating system.

This 1 to 100 point system accounts for differences in regional weather, various operating conditions, and other aspects to provide a benchmark goal to achieve the Energy Star Award certification award.

The EPA national energy performance rating system has been established over a decade and is a valuable metric gaining in importance with every passing year.  In January 2010 California’s Assembly Bill 1103 mandated that all commercial building owners and/or operators to use this EPA Energy Star rating system and that a buildings benchmark data and ratings be disclosed to prospective buyers, lenders, or lessees of the subject property.

Comfort International can help your buildings become Energy Star Award facilities as we have excelled at achieving the lowest metrics in energy efficiency for commercial buildings. Our Efficient Energy Measurement Study (EEMS) will help to achieve an EPA Energy Star Award Level with paybacks for complete certification under a two year payback guaranteed at your utility meter.

We will take care of the entire process including all engineering and paperwork with the EPA so your building can receive the prestigious Energy Star Award certification that many of our clients have achieved.

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Using only 7.5 run hours/ annually of chiller and a PUE of 1.15.

LEED Certifications

Comfort International has extensive knowledge of USGBC LEED for existing buildings. We can perform combination LEED and Efficient Energy Measurement Studies (EEMS) on your building that will not only attain world-class energy levels but it will also identify all the requirements to achieve the various levels of LEED O & M certification for your building quickly and economically.

Most LEED certification consultants operate under open ended consulting contracts with no associated recurring operational cost reductions or or guarantees of achieving the certification.  CI takes a different approach.  We guarantee that the cost of attaining the LEED O&M certification will be recouped from the energy relates savings that will be achieved from the work performed on your building.

Our performance based approach gives you a fixed fee guaranteed solution that is unique in the industry. By combining our extensive skills in engineering, indoor air quality, HVAC/lighting/generation systems and green program implementation we can typically provide a turnkey solution for your building to become LEED O & M certified with enough energy savings to provide a three year or less payback!

Comfort International's LEED/Efficient Energy Management Study will make the process to becoming an energy efficient LEED O & M certified building an easy and completely risk fee project.

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