Building Automation Systems

Wikipedia defines, Building Automation System as the automatic centralized control of a building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, lighting, and other systems through a building management system or building automation system (BAS).   Building & Facility managers all assume that if they have such a BAS, also often referred to as energy management system (EMS) that they are efficient.  Even the manufacturers and control companies installing these systems all want you to assume that believe and they put their marketing emphasis on the features of the hardware/software.

The reality is that over 90% of the buildings today with a BAS/EMS are NOT energy efficient at all.  The hardware/software is not what makes a building energy efficient but rather you need the right experts in HVAC, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Efficiency, with the experience and drive to use a building automation system to engineer your building to achieve the lowest energy benchmark while keeping the building comfortable & per required tolerances.

Comfort International, Inc. has that experience with our proven team of engineers and technicians whom have achieved the lowest energy metrics in the industry.  We do not merely install a BAS to start/stop equipment, monitor a lot of points, and maybe do some simple resets of factory controls.  Instead we re-engineer a building to find the most efficient way to modify the entire HVAC system mechanically and with a building automation system to reach levels second to none.  This pursuit of the ideal energy metric means that we have the expertise to comfortably go beyond  the simple monitoring and resetting of factory controls.  As an example we have re-engineered data centers to use only a fraction of the normal energy usage for the HVAC with impressive Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15!   We have brought office buildings down to 9 to 14 kilowatt hours per square feet peryear.

Besides achieving the lowest energy levels we always design our BAS systems with a service/maintenance focus.  That means we custom make all of our graphics by working with our clients so that they have a system tailored to how they want to see the system.  We utilize native BACnet control systems to avoid proprietary systems.

We are also factory trained on Tridium/Jace systems to help bridge proprietary & legacy systems together when needed.  Our focus is to provide our customer with simple to use controls that are intuitive and easy to use.  We back that up with guaranteed on our energy performance as well as provide 24/7 prompt service to handle any emergency need you may have.  We have the expertise in the entire control system operations from being licensed electrical contractors to install the controls completely including conduit & panel fabrication, as well as engineering of the control systems & optimization of the entire HVAC systems, programming of the controls, commissioning and full graphics tailored to your desires.


A global energy efficiency organization, is exclusively focused on achieving peak efficiencies with existing buildings.



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