Benchmark Analysis

CI’s Benchmark Analysis is a free service provided so that a building’s real energy baseline can be determined and potential savings can be identified for further evaluation via cost benefit analysis.  Ninety percent of existing buildings use 20%-50% more power than required when peak performance metrics are achieved.  The inefficiencies are not perceived because the utility draw has been consistent since the system was installed.  Indeed, vendors that perform installations are typically focused on getting units installed and turned up “on time and on budget”.  They are not experts in lighting, control system software and efficient HVAC engineering principals, which prevents them to leveraging the system to its maximum potential.


CI’s free Benchmark Analysis will identify the gap between your HVAC hardware and software potential and its actual operating levels.  The recurring operational cost savings are significant in light of the low expense associated with implementing the remedial measures.  Typically CI’s Benchmark Analysis predicts a return on investment (ROI) of 2 years or less.  CI stands behind its numbers with a money back guarantee when CI performs the design and implementation of the corrective measures and retrofit.


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