The majority of simple office buildings have huge amounts of hidden energy waste.

Unfortunately you are never given any proper baseline metrics as to what even a simple office building should be using for energy. In this single story 69,000 square foot corporate office headquarters they were looking for ways to obtain energy savings and to reduce their carbon footprint for their corporate headquarters facility.

Comfort International Inc. performed a benchmark review of their facility and identified that their usage was at least $60,000 higher than it should be using for annual energy. Comfort International Inc. performed our investment grade efficient energy management systems (EEMS) study of their corporate headquarters. Furthermore, Comfort International provided a written guarantee of the energy savings measured at the utility meter level which eliminated the concerns of their management.

Comfort International Inc. (CI) completed their EEMS study which identified $90,000 of annual energy savings with a less than two year return on investment (ROI). CI also completed all the calculations and coordinated with Pacific Gas & Electric Company to obtain a utility rebate of $75,800. The existing system design was not replaced but rather modified to operate in a new much more energy efficient.

operation. The system was modified with new variable frequency drives, dampers, valves, and a new control system that provided new sensors and control operations to enable the system to operate much differently than originally designed. The project was completed and has exceeded the energy savings projections and reduced over 775,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide annually.

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