Most HVAC and control systems are never designed, engineered, or installed with a requirement that the building will operate at a specific energy consumption level.  Additionally the process is often fragmented by having the system installed by a vendor unaffiliated with the engineering company or department that designed the relevant systems and selected the equipment.  The installer does not perform detailed efficiency testing, or “on premises” re-engineering, as that exceeds their
scope of work.  Their mission is to get the system installed, turn it up, and do it on-time and on budget.  Accordingly, system inefficiencies are not addressed at installation but masked through use of additional power.  The new system does not generate complaints as people are comfortable and the system has no apparent deficiencies (i.e., there is no valid benchmark that shows the utter waste of power and money that is taking place each month).

CI’s singular focus on how to make existing systems perform at optimal efficiency make us a unique resource.  Performance improvement is achieved through analysis of equipment, engineering design, controls, and other variables all viewed against the 12-month kWh/therm consumption record for the building.  The CI team applies well-tested modification techniques, supported by sound engineering principals to attain a new target benchmark of kWh/therm energy efficiency.  Subsequently, we perform the implementation with our own personnel (not outside vendors) and with very little disruption to the building’s operations.  CI will achieve the new benchmark and document the results over the next 12-months to ensure the savings are at the guaranteed levels predicted prior to the implementation.

A global energy efficiency organization, is exclusively focused on achieving peak efficiencies with existing buildings.



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