Comfort International, Inc. and Mynt Systems successfully optimized the Rosicrucian museum to become Net Zero facility. Typically Net Zero Carbon facilities are built from the ground up at costs that are not market competitive. Comfort International was able to reduce the facilities energy usage to such a low level that enabled a conventional rooftop solar array from Mynt Sytmems to cost effectively bring the facility to Net Zero Carbon.

The Rosicrucian museum in San Jose, CA had an older HVAC system that other HVAC companies recommend a full replacement. Comfort International, Inc. (CI) performed their detailed Efficient Energy Management Systems study which was able to find creative ways to repair the aging system and modify it to operate at far lower energy levels than any of the proposed complete replacement alternatives. CI pushed their advancedHVAC optimization & control solutions so that the facility uses only a fraction of the energy previously used. Founder and CEO, Alan Pong remarked, “It is exciting to be able to push the envelop of energy efficiency and couple that with solar to show that a Net Zero Facility can be done cost effectively on a retrofit basis.”

The project was performed without disrupting their operations as popular public museum. The costs to be Net Zero were substantailly less than the several HVAC replacement proposals. The energy savings were guaranteed and measured at the utility meter.

Comfort International is able to engineer solutions with very short returns on investment (ROI) through a turnkey process. Most projects achieve a 50% return on investment. Energy savings of 40% or more are standard and can be guaranteed at the utility meter. In achieving such results, Mr, Pong credits his company’s comprehensive efficient energy management systems (EEMS) study process. He adds: “When energy efficiency is properly engineered on a whole building approach results like RMS are typical, enabling commercial clients to achieve huge savings even on leased buildings that they do not own.”

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