Comfort International, Inc. was recognized for its energy savings project for RMS’s 150,000 square foot Headquarters and computer network facility, saving RMS over $201,000 per year in annual energy costs measured at the meter. The project received a Pacific Gas & Electric rebate check of $121,700 to RMS from PG&E. Jim Zuiderhoek, CFM, Director of Facilities inherently knew that the energy usage could be reduced. Jim worked with Comfort International to perform an investment grade energy audit to maximize energy savings with a payback limit of 2 years. The audit identified energy savings of $151,000 per year with a 1.6 year payback. Founder and CEO, Alan Pong remarked, “We had to do all of the improvements with zero downtime due to the critical computer rooms and I am proud that our team implemented the complex building automation, VFD, and HVAC modifications without any downtime.”

The project was performed without disrupting RMS’s many critical network computer rooms essential to their operations. The energy savings were guaranteed and measured at the utility meter, achieving $201,000/year & over 1,200,000 lbs. of CO2 reduced.

Comfort International is able to engineer solutions with very short returns on investment (ROI) through a turnkey process. Most projects achieve a 50% return on investment. Energy savings of 40% or more are standard and can be guaranteed at the utility meter. In achieving such results, Mr, Pong credits his company’s comprehensive efficient energy management systems (EEMS) study process. He adds: “When energy efficiency is properly engineered on a whole building approach results like RMS are typical, enabling commercial clients to achieve huge savings even on leased buildings that they do not own.”

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