Comfort International, Inc. (CI) is being recognized for its energy savings project for TDK’s 11 2,000 square foot clean room facility, saving TDK over $515,000 per year in annual energy costs.  The project represents the largest annual savings in the Silicon Valley for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in 2016. Comfort International’s project also facilitated a rebate check of $470,022 to TDK from PG&E. From left to right: Helder Sherpa (PG & E), Alan Pong (Comfort International), Yoshiro Nakagawa/Michael Greene/Tony Vu (TDK/Headway) honored TDK with a special commendation for 2016 Top Performer for the outstanding energy savings achieved. PG&E executives presented the $470,022 rebate to TDK/Headway in a special ceremony at TDK’s  Milpitas headquarters.

Comfort International founder and CEO, Alan Pong remarked, “ This project challenged us as this is our second phase of energy savings and I am proud that we found over $515,000 of annual savings with a short less than 2 year ROI. This brings the total annual savings for TDK/Headway to well over 1.5 million dollars annually all under a 2 year ROI.”

The project was performed without disrupting TDK’s production , while maintaining the tight tolerances of +/- one degree and less than 2% humidity required by the class 100 facility. The project achieved a guaranteed return on investment for TDK in less than 2 years.

Comfort International is able to engineer solutions with very short returns on investment (ROI) through a turnkey process. Most projects achieve a 50% return on investment. Energy savings of 40% or more are standard and can be guaranteed at the utility meter. In achieving such results, Mr, Pong credits his company’s  comprehensive efficient energy management systems (EEMS) study process. He adds: “I look forward to working with  other PG&E customers to help them achieve their energy management goals and reduce their costs.”


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