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Comfort CII ServicesInternational’s array of services is designed to provide a risk free process to identify and capture energy related savings with guaranteed results.   The process begins with a complementary Benchmark Analysis where CI estimates the amount of savings that can be achieved. 

If the savings potential is meaningful then the building qualifies for CI’s Efficiency Energy Management Study (EEMS), a robust monitoring and evaluation of both hardware and software systems detailing the corrective measures necessary to improve efficiency and amount of recurring savings that will be achieved.

There is no charge for the EEMS if the estimated energy savings predicted in CI’s Benchmark Analysis are not supported in the report’s findings.  Additionally, the EEMS identified savings and projected ROI are guaranteed when CI Implementation Services are used to effectuate the corrective measures outlined in the EEMS. Any difference between the EEMS’s predicted ROI and the results post implementation (as measured from the utility meter via examination of power company bills) will be made up by CI. 

CII ServicesAdditionally, as an added benefit, CI can include LEED and Energy Star Certification into the implementation process.  We also provide for Maintenance and Utility Management Services moving forwards to ensure continued savings and smooth operations.



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