Comfort International “CI”, a global energy efficiency organization, is exclusively focused on achieving peak efficiencies with existing buildings.  We identify unique and effective solutions that permanently decrease recurring operational cost directly related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting in your workplace environment.  CI will increase workplace comfort while positively impacting your bottom-line as well as the environment.

Employing  experienced engineers and highly skilled HVAC technicians CI provides turnkey solutions supported by investment grade studies and guaranteed results.  We achieve measurable reduction in energy consumption (kWh/therms) typically with a return on investment  (ROI) of less than two years.  If our targeted ROI is not realized  in post implementation utility bills then CI will make up the difference. 


Additionally, CI provides USGBC LEED and EPA Energy Star certification services in a unique, guaranteed approach so that those designations can be obtained concurrently with the energy reductions being performed at your building and completely paid for by energy savings.    

Ninety percent of commercial buildings operate at between 20-50% in excess energy usage, with a building’s age having no correlation to its energy efficiency.  CI’s mission is straightforward – to identify inefficient buildings and provide a zero risk approach for owners and operators to achieve the building’s true energy baseline with guaranteed results.  The first step is to request CI’s free Benchmark Analysis to determine if your building is a candidate.  Please call us so to schedule a visit…we look forward to working with you.     

TDK's Headway Technologies

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Largest savings and rebate in

TDK / Headway large multinational leading independent supplier of recording heads to the hard disc market. Approximately 30% of the hard drives today use a TDK / Headway recording head. In order to continue to stay globally competitive while manufacturing in the heart of Silicon Valley the facility department needed to reduce their operating costs year after year. Read about Comfort International's huge success!


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