Comfort International utilizes a highly efficient cloud based dispatch and management system (“CI Network”) to enable efficiency in service delivery, data collection, reporting, and field communications.  The result is a high-degree of customer attention, and effective delivery of best-in-breed services at attractive prices.

Our customers are provided access to the CI Network resources via WEB login s to CI’s secure password protected intranet, accessible from mobile devices or any location with internet access. From portal,  our clients find forms tailored for their buildings which provide repair and energy reporting, online invoice statements, project status, LEEDs reporting, and access to other important historical and performance based statistics. These reports enable a facility or property manager access the information necessary to manage comfort and track operating costs with confidence and efficiency. They are not only valuable to our clients but are also used by our management to measure and improve employee performance. Indeed, the CI Network is a valuable tool to measure employee responsiveness and effectiveness in providing CI’s array of services.

Please review our services and contact us for a FREE facility benchmark review. We will outline how we may help you achieve an energy efficient and comfortable building with guaranteed paybacks in two years or less!


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